Home Care

Home Care

Freshness, shine and cleanliness – this is our association with products from the home care market. Packaging should not only reflect this, but also emphasise it to meet consumer demands.
We offer a wide range of customized packaging solutions to differentiate your product from the competition.

The home care market is a fast-moving market where aesthetics and durability play a crucial role. This is also reflected in the packaging, which is expected to provide the customer with an exceptional appearance and product information, as well as withstand a range of challenges over a long period of time.

We see it as our responsibility to provide you with the best product solution that is ideal for dispensing from the chosen container – whether it is squeezable, contoured, pumped or rigid – and can withstand the constant, repeated handling and extreme environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and exposure to chemicals.

Special products

In addition to our product portfolio, we offer further solutions and innovations to support you. This is just a small excerpt of our services for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any special requests.


As part of our E2E supply chain solutions, we analyse and optimise together with you along the entire value chain to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. This includes B2B solutions and automated order management.

With our Shrink Sleeves and products offering, we are able to facilitate and improve recycling in the supply chain.

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Your home care products as well as their packaging must meet the highest quality standards, especially under the most diverse conditions. With strict procedures and controls, as well as the use of the best materials and adhesives, we always offer our customers the best quality.


All our processes comply with the current personnel and industrial hygiene regulations for secondary packaging in the home care sector to avoid any kind of contamination of the products on the production lines. We have standardised processes and inspections procedures, carry out hazard and risk analyses with regard to the end user’s risk based on our products and processes, and derive preventive and corrective measures. This is strengthened by our established management systems based on ISO 9001, BRC and special systems (more information om request), and serves to ensure compliance with product integrity and legal requirements.


Every step of the process, from incoming goods to the printing process and shipping, is controlled to meet your high-quality requirements. Our global quality management has set up its own All4Labels management system for permanent monitoring and control. This includes among others a supplier management to ensure compliance with the quality specifications of raw materials. We are constantly investing in cutting-edge technology in order to automatically monitor our printing operations. In our home care division, we ensure 100% controls with an inspection system in place.

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