Industries & chemicals

Industries & Chemicals

Labels having to withstand the tough conditions of industry and chemical applications require exceptional capabilities such as specialty adhesives, durable inks and label materials. We therefore develop highly functional labels combined with best-in-class decorations. Digital leadership enables maximum flexibility, short lead times and pioneering brand protection possibilities.

The applications for Industries and Chemicals, from oils & lubricants, agrochemicals to paints & solvents are demanding: hazardous chemical products must comply with label regulations, brand protection is an issue as well as the conditions a label needs to withstand.

We apply our expertise in label requirements for regulated industries: we have experience with GHS labels (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals), integrate technical details in the labels and know how to make them durable. So even minor spills of chemicals, lubricants and fluids will not affect your labelling performance.

Special products

Configure and serialise your smart label to empower trust and engage your customers with customized mobile services!

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Offering dedicated artwork management

We integrate innovation, creativity, design and prepress processes with the most modern workflows.
As a strategic and technologically advanced partner, we are dedicated to brand owners for all template, artwork, repro, mock-up and digital printing activities.

Our open global platform enables individual processes as well as a global access also for third parties.
The latest automation tools smoothly connect you to our prepress teams to minimize administration effort, speed up revision cycles and achieve fast, reliable and high quality results.


A whole specific ecosystem to
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Artwork Management

Our global platform enables individual processes as well as a global access for third parties.


Technical design and prototyping of packaging

Live cloud platform

Global Artwork management platform