The New Powerhouse
of the Labeling Industry

By joining forces, we realize our approach to provide best-in-class supply chain and service solutions that help our customers to extend their full potential on a global scale.

Strong Local Footprints
all over the World

We are three experienced and privately owned regional champions who understand our customers’ global and local needs. With more than 25 locations around the world, we help our customers to build stronger connections with their clients by delivering more sustainable and more cost-effective smart label and packaging solutions.

printed labels annually
production facilities
customers worldwide
dedicated employees

Setting New Standards
for Customer Satisfaction

By merging the companies, our customers benefit from new competitive advantages which will help them grow their businesses.

  • Better proximity
    bigger global presence
  • Better choice
    extended product portfolio
  • Better results
    increased innovative power
  • Better service
    streamlined operations
Making Customers our First Priority – Always

We believe that customer satisfaction is based on understanding. That is why we take the time to really understand our customers’ needs. We are always aiming for the best possible result and the most efficient processes to guarantee short production times and the most cost-effective solutions.

Assuring a Sustainable Future

Acting in a sustainable way is one of our key values. We put an emphasis on pollution prevention and rely on a responsible handling of our resources to continuously improve and expand our environmental and health protection efforts and the security of our employees.

Strengthening our Local Roots

Our customers around the world and our strong local management are the backbone of our success. We empower our local teams to deliver great service and quality to our customers.

Innovation is our Daily Business

We Unfold New Potentials for our Customers through Driving the Development of our Industry

• Digital printing solutions
• High-end technological implementation
• Client and innovation oriented supply chain
• Material and process engineering
• Harmonizing global artwork
• Sustainability / eco-friendly processes

Expanding our Global Presence

With 25 operating production facilities, we establish a worldwide union that benefits from its powerful members. We build upon our founding partners’ incredible track records, reinforcing our local relevance through connecting as an integrated global network.

Setting Clear Objectives For Mutual Success

As an owner-managed company, we deeply care about our employees and the development of long-term partnerships with our customers as both are key for sustainable growth, operational excellence and future success.

Aiming for the Best Possible Result

As one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers, we unfold new potentials for our customers by providing an extended portfolio of strong and forward thinking companies that continuously boost their innovative strength.

Our global team of experts helps our customers to always be one step ahead of their competitors by delivering great service and providing high-end label converting and smart packaging solutions.

Connecting Brands and Consumers the Smart Way

As a trusted partner of companies from many industries, we know about the challenge to communicate messages as effectively as possible whilst taking into consideration all necessary information from indications of origin to nutritional tables at the same time.

With our wide range of solutions, we help our customers communicate in a smart, distinct and cost-effective way.

Home Care
Home Care
Personal Care
Personal Care

Operating one of the world’s largest machine pools allows us to offer an extensive range of products, a broad portfolio of printing technologies and best-in-class services.

By using state-of-the-art technology, we are always adding value to our supply chain: From meeting demands more quickly, using materials more efficiently and in a more sustainable way to driving down costs for solutions of outstanding quality.

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Flexible packaging
  • Security technology
  • Artwork
Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Product labels
  • Multipack labels
  • Logistics- & marking labels
  • Booklet labels
  • Double- and multi-layer labels
  • Peel-Off labels
  • Blank- and Sheet labels
  • Closure- & Reclosure labels
Flexible Packaging
  • Starsaver®
  • Starblocker®
  • Flexible packaging
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Flowpack films
  • Lid films
  • Laminated films
  • Tubes
Security & Label Intelligence Solutions
  • Printed Security Features
  • Nanograms™
  • Smart Labels (RFID: NFC, UHF)
  • Label Intelligence Platform
  • Track & Trace
  • EAS (RF/AM/EM labels)
  • Locks & gates
  • Baggage tags
  • Customized solutions
  • Hang tags
  • Banderoles
  • Thermoformed carton trays
  • InMould Labels
  • Cut and Stack Labels
  • Label management system
  • Supply chain solutions
  • RAKO RFID service cloud
  • Graphic service
  • Lab test service

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