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Improve their
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As pioneers in digital printing, we offer products, materials, and solutions with the circular economy in mind.
are core priorities.

Our solutions

An exclusive and disruptive “no-label” solution that reduces material used.

Pressure sensitive label for returnable glass bottle

Shrink sleeve to enable plastic bottle recycling

Metallic embellished with reduced emissions

Pressure sensitive label that enables PET bottle recycling

A recyclable shrink sleeve for PET bottle recycling

Mono-material flexible packaging fully recyclable

Multi-layer pressure sensitive label with reduced emissions

A wrap a round label that enables PET bottle recycling

Laminate tube fully recyclable

Our recyclable, reusable and renewable portfolio

A complete range of labeling products designed and created to drive an
unmatched transformation across industries


To be successfully collected and sorted from the waste and returned to use in its original raw material or as a secondary product.

Support recycling

To successfully improve the sink/float separation process for plastic bottles/containers.


Recycled content refers to the portion of materials that have been diverted from the solid waste stream after being used by the consumer and processed in a recyclability stream to produce a new material.


Renewable content refers to the usage of bio-based resources that can be naturally replenished, such as trees, sugar cane, corn.


Lebels solutions that are designed to reduce the overall material usage, and embellishments that are engineered to be produced with lower carbon footprint.

Our sustainable materials

is a portfolio of materials
with Post Consumer Recycled content (PCR)

  • PSL: plastic facestock up to 50% PCR mechanical and 90% chemically recycled, liner up to 90% PCR
  • Shrink sleeve: 30% PCR, 50% PCR under development
  • Tubes: 25% PCR
  • Folding carton: up to 100% PCR
  • Special paper: for PSL and Wet & Glue labels up to 100% PCR

is a portfolio of materials from bio-based
renewable sources

  • PSL: Forest PE and PP made from 100% renewable wood-based raw materials. Plastic facestock made of agricultural waste, marble based, cotton, etc.
  • Shrink sleeve & Flexible packaging: PLA from corn
  • Special papers: for PSL and Wet & Glue labels

Center of Excellence

Our COE (Center of Excellence) is a global research and development hub dedicated to implementing innovative, sustainable, interactive and customized solutions combined with new technologies and processes.

We continuously invest in R&D and the COE is the nerve center where universities, institutions, start-ups and other industry players meet and collaborate with us to create new cutting-edge, planet-friendly solutions.


INTEGRITAG is the future of labeling, offering advanced solutions to optimize supply chain efficiencies, protect brands, safeguard identities and enhance consumer engagement.

INTEGRITAG is a symbol of innovation and excellence in the field of security and labeling. Our mission has two primary objectives: first, to enhance security and authenticity for governments and brands by offering advanced security solutions, ensuring citizen safety and product legitimacy.

Second, to lead in developing supply chain efficiency solutions, leveraging eRFID/RFID products to provide real-time process visibility, reduce errors, cut waste, and improve overall operational efficiency. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible technology underscores our approach.


A packaging design unit to offer additional services with long-term industrial expertise.

  • Design
    A specific environment to support the brand from creativity to production, from technical design aspects to the interpretation of new instances of sustainable packaging.
  • Artwork
    Preparation Integrated management of development projects. Development of private labels for mass market retailers.
  • Prototyping
    Technical design and prototyping of packaging. Master of the finished packaging with the sample of the product inside.
  • Cloud Platform
    Global Artwork management platform. A remote approval center in real time that is always connected.