All4Labels launches inspirational global showcase for wine & spirits

All4Labels launches inspirational global showcase for wine & spirits

A set of unique labels will display the precious essence of wine and spirits, leveraging advanced technologies, sustainable solutions, and interactive features.

Hamburg, February 9th, 2022
– All4Labels Global Packaging Group has announced the launch of its new global business strategy to sustainably develop the wine & spirits sector starting with a dedicated marketing campaign, which is designed to shape consumers’ experience through unique, precious, and sustainable labels and packaging. This will take form in an inspiration project of a global itinerant showcase – called ‘Motherland’ – which will display the unique essence of each product and its local heritage through eye-catching design.

In the coming months, All4Labels will be producing eight special label concepts on bottles of wine & spirits from Argentina, France, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, China, and Germany. These countries represent the locations of the group’s blue-chip sites that are specialized in the wine & spirits segment, and each will feature a product that is typical of the local market.

Created together with its newly launched packaging design division, All4Graphics, each label will seek to embody the natural beauty and traditions of the region of origin, while implicitly demonstrating All4Labels’ technical and innovational capabilities. The labeled bottles will be unveiled at dedicated local events starting with a kick-off in Cape Town, South Africa, on February 9, 2022.

The showcase is an opportunity to address the importance of building an open environment with meaningful relationships throughout the entire value chain, and All4Labels is working closely with a group of leading partner companies to share this ethos. Motherland will also highlight the value of All4Labels Smart + Secure GmbH that would embed smart features such as Brand Security with QR fingerprint, Gamification and Traceability in order to support the customer experience through analytics.

“We are embarking on this campaign to highlight our presence as a main player in the wine & spirits market and to show our high premium solutions,” said CEO of All4Labels Adrian Tippenhauer. “Motherland will demonstrate in very real terms how All4Labels is pioneering innovation with bold creativity, high quality and sustainable packaging solutions for local and global wine & spirits brands.”

The goal for All4Labels is to enlarge its presence in this developing market. Guido Iannone, All4Labels CSO said, “Wine & spirits has been a core focus for the All4Labels sales strategy for a long time, and we have developed an extremely high level of technical expertise in label production with exceptional finishes and embellishments for premium brands. We are now using this expertise to drive new growth opportunities for us, for our partners, and our customers.”

All4Labels is committed to producing labels and packaging in the most efficient and responsible way. Massimiliano Martino All4Labels CTO said, “Motherland was produced using innovative materials and technologies to reduce the carbon footprint by 80% compared to the conventional way of producing premium labels. We have developed and deployed an embellishment process that avoids waste while ensuring an exclusive tactile and visual effect.”

“Conscious of the new digital era where metaverse is evolving into a new reality we will explore how a virtual world can impact on people’s behaviors. With some real applications All4Labels can link bottles to an NFT marketplace, to show how advanced avatars could revolutionize virtual engagement,” added Paola Iannone, VP Marketing and Communication at All4Labels.

The Motherland campaign will continue over the coming months demonstrating the global footprint and local knowledge of All4Labels along the way. Supplier partners in the project include Avery Dennison, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesive, Leonhard Kurz, H+M, Estal, Actega, Nilpeter, Omet, HP Indigo and Luxoro.

Discover more about Motherland at https://all4labels.com/markets/wine-spirits/motherland.