Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging

Just as the packaging options we provide, we have a flexible way of working. Different materials and shapes round off our range.

At a glance

Flexible packaging stands for a comprehensive range of products made of plastic, films, paper and special barrier layers. We find tailor-made product solutions for every packaging task. As a pioneer in using digital printing technology as well as flexo printing for primary food packaging, we offer fast and flexible solutions, especially for the increasing demand for smaller and medium production batches and larger product variants.

10 m+

Annual turnover (€) Flexible packaging

600 m+



Flexible packaging production facilities worldwide

  • Gallin
  • Nocera

A variety of possibilities for all markets and applications

From confectionary, snacks, tea, food, pet food and cosmetics, we find the right solution for your product application!


Our pouches preserve your products through an aroma-sealed packaging and create a high shelf appeal. With various sizes and types of pouches, such as 3 sealings, 4 sealings, stand up, box pouches and even doypacks, they are suitable for all kinds of products: grains, ground coffee, pods and soluble products. Special finishes with gloss, matt, solder and cold foil applications as well as embossing varnishes, increase the attractiveness on the shelf and protect the product content.

Printing & finishing

We refine your packaging with the following printing and finishing options:

  • Modern Digital Printing
    • Digital printing within food conformities
    • Serialization & Mass Individualization (HP Mosaic)
    • Specialised in small production batches
    • Eco-friendly due to little set-up waste
    • Cost-efficient due to affordable pre-press costs and lapse of printing plates
    • Partial matt and gloss effects
    • Lamination for duplex or multi-layer applications
  • State-Of-The-Art Flexo
    • Flexo HD printing up to 10 colors
    • Flexo HD printing up to 10 colors +1 roto gravure unit
  • Finishing
  • Hot & Cold Seal
  • Lamination


  • Promotional applications: labels, multilayer and more
  • Special applications: Doy pack – pouch with label
  • Open and reclosure solutions
    • Die-cut the film and apply the labels
  • Everything produced in-house

With our doypack powerhouse, we cover the end-to-end in-house production to deliver customized solutions for any effective application. Download our flyer to discover more.

    Tomorrow‘s solutions

    • Sustainability
      • Digital printing capabilities to minimise carbon footprint Innovative inhouse production and usage of eco-friendly flexo plates, which can be cleaned with water instead of solvents; certified by ClimatePartner
    • Design4recycling
      • Numerous Design4recycling solutions (Starblocker) for a better recyclability
    • Plastic-free & compostable solutions
      • Get in touch with our experts for more information
      • Bio-based films
    • Tailor-made
      • Tailor-made solutions recycable barrier solutions for MOSH/MOAH, UV-light, gas, aroma, oxygen and water-vapour