Heavy on protection,
light on the planet.

Our commitment is to meet customers' needs by developing packaging solutions able to protect goods while reducing the environmental footprint.

Flexible packaging matches our pursuit to make respectful choices by performing lightweight, adaptive, smart, and sustainable solutions for any eye-catching and customizable applications. To emphasize the sustainable vocation of flexible packaging, we explored the metaphor of undergrowth, the life-nurturing ecosystem of the planet.

RESPECT the product by protecting it from any external factor.

RESPECT the environment by reducing waste with essential and ultra-lightweight materials.

RESPECT the consumer by ensuring goods that preserve their properties.

RESPECT recycling by offering full mono-material solutions and recycling streams.

RESPECT customers by empowering our customers' creative ideas and business needs.

From nature, to design.

The design got inspired by the undergrowth, by the flowing waters in the forests, the small tiny world of flowering plants and its wildlife.

We re-designed the undergrowth shapes using primitive traits led to the creation of visual patterns applied on all packs. The color palette is of paramount importance, echoing the shades of the reference world, adding complementary nuances from time to time to create a sophisticated palette.

Performing lightweight, adaptive,
smart, and sustainable solutions
to RESPECT goods, people, and the planet.