Wet Glue Labels

Wet Glue Labels

Made to stick: Not only popular in the beverage industry, we love wet glue labels, too! With regards to sustainability, they can be removed easily without leaving any residue in the recycling process.

At a glance

Wet-glue labels, also known as cut-and-stack labels, typically consist of paper. The labels are cut into their specific shape after printing and then stacked. The adhesive is only applied during the dispensing process at the customer. A variety of paper substrates and printing technologies can be chosen. Wet-glue labels are particularly cost-efficient for high volume applications, like in the beverage industry or for reusable and disposable containers.

7 m+

Annual turnover (€) Wet glue labels

600.000 +



Wet glue label production facilities worldwide

A variety of possibilities for different markets and applications

Printing & finishing

  • Combination printing up to 8 colors
  • Offset UV and conventional printing
  • Flexo UV and water-based printing
  • Double-sided printing
  • Gloss and matt effects
  • Metallized effects
  • Embossing
  • Spot & relief varnish
  • Embellishments options: hot and cold foil, tactile varnishes, glow in the dark effect
  • Special die-cuts


  • PCR material options
  • With our own coating options, we offer tailored wash-off solutions that support reusability and recycling streams


  • Metallized paper
  • Embossed paper
  • High opacity paper
  • Cast coated paper
  • Humidity and alkali resistant paper
  • Die-cutting
    Regular or irregular (special) shapes with punching: any die-cut/ shape is possible
  • Returnable bottles require a printing configuration based on conventional or solvent based inks – lab tests are made to guarantee the performance in the customer
  • One-way (non-returnable) bottles accept labels printed with UV inks