QR Fingerprint®

QR Fingerprint® is a game-changer in safeguarding your brand's integrity and reputation.

In an era where authenticity is crucial, our QR Fingerprint® empowers businesses to authenticate products, detect counterfeits, and safeguard their brand identity with unparalleled precision.

Say goodbye to the threats that compromise your brand and embrace a future where each QR Fingerprint® scan acts as a guard, preserving the trust your customers place in your products.
Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the landscape of brand protection, ensuring that your brand remains resolute in an ever-evolving world.

Welcome to QR Fingerprint® - Where Security Meets Success

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Cost-efficient Protection

Simple Authentication

Increased brand loyalty & repurchase rates

Data Insights to improve campaigns & sales

Possible to combine with consumer engagement content

Technical Data

How to use

QR Fingerprint®
to create unique product signature

A Secure Cloud Solution
to verify integrity & manage IDs


to verify authentic product


Brand Protection

  • Simple and quick verification of authenticity
  • Digital twin for each and every product

Consumer Engagement

  • Consumers engage with product and brand by scanning the QR Fingerprint®
  • Engagement supports brand loyalty & repurchase rates.


  • Less waste. Digital content instead of flyers & booklets, that land in the trash.
  • Digital content to educate consumers on recyclability & sustainability efforts.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Unique IDs and Fingerprints allow to track & trace single products around the world.

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