Holographic Security

Your Shield for Governmental
and Brand Security

Our holographic security products are designed to provide unparalleled protection against forgery, counterfeiting, document and product fraud.

These solutions harness unique optical effects to establish an exceptionally secure identity, making replication a formidable challenge.

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Incorporating holograms into a brand protection strategy
can offer a multi-faceted approach to combat counterfeiting while also enhancing brand image and consumer trust.

Counterfeit Prevention
Advanced hologram techniques, using multiple layers of security features, are challenging to replicate accurately, thus discouraging unauthorized production of counterfeits.

Visual Authentication and Consumer Trust
Holograms are easily recognizable and provide an immediate visual signal to consumers and inspectors, while enhancing brand protection, with essential forensic and covert features that often distinguish them from counterfeits.

Brands can create unique holographic designs, incorporating brand logos, images, or other distinctive elements, making it harder for counterfeiters to imitate.

Track & Trace
Holograms can be integrated with serialization and tracking systems, enabling brands to monitor the movement of genuine products throughout the supply chain.

Despite their advanced security features, holograms are often cost-effective to implement compared to other high-tech brand protection solutions.

Enhanced Aesthetics
Holograms can also enhance the visual appeal of products, providing an additional marketing benefit alongside their security function.

Holograms can be applied to a wide range of products and packaging, from ID cards to luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, making them a versatile brand protection tool.

Technical Data

Security features
Our holographic security solutions have a comprehensive range of integrated, multi-level (including overt, covert and forensic) holographic and printed security features.

Our holographic security solutions can be used as hot stamping foil, holographic labels or holographic inlays, making them ideal for diverse applications.

Demetalization Features
We provide highly accurate and registered demetalization features for a range of materials, including copper and aluminum. These features are ideal for high-security solutions, such as passports, card holographic patches, and labels.

Deposition Capabilities
Using controlled density vacuum metallizing equipment, we offer the deposition of various materials, including aluminum, copper, chrome, tin and high refractive indexed rare earths such as ZnS and TiOx.

Variable Data Numbering
In addition to demetalization, our services include variable data numbering enhancing security and traceability in various application fields.


Holographic Stamping Foil

Holographic Security Labels

Identity Card Protection

Passport Protection


Brand Protection

  • Brand Identity Theft Prevention
  • Counterfeit Prevention
  • Enhanced Consumer Trust
  • Sales loss prevention
  • Preservation of Reputation

Documents & Identity

  • Identity authentication
  • Document protection
  • Tax stamp security

In Standards we trust

INTEGRITAG is at the forefront in the development and research of new solutions against counterfeiting. Through a strict process control at every production stage our products comply with the highest quality standards on the market.

The quality management system at INTEGRITAG is certified EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14298:2021 (formerly from 2007 CWA 14641) for hologram manufacturer and security printing, offering to his customers, both private and governmental, an important added value to the product reliability and efficiency.

INTEGRITAG is member of the International Hologram Manufacturers association IHMA who it actively cooperates with to maintain the highest professional and security standards.