Embossing base foils

INTEGRITAG provides a complete range of embossing bases, manufactured using the most advanced coating technologies. Available in different metallization finishes (aluminum, copper and high reflectance index materials).

Production is made by different multi-station coating machines. As a complement to the offer INTEGRITAG also supplies the correspondent adhesives to be used in combination with the base foils, giving the customer the opportunity to produce in house his final security product.

INTEGRITAG is committed to achieve the highest quality standards for the usage of its products.

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Gold, silver and transparent finishes.

Quality Assurance
INTEGRITAG's commitment to achieving the highest quality standards indicates a focus on product reliability and consistency.

By supplying both embossing bases and adhesives, INTEGRITAG offers customers the flexibility and control over the final application purpose.

The provision of corresponding adhesives tailored to specific application materials ensures compatibility, simplifying the production process and ensuring proper adhesion.

Technical Data

Production Width
Up to 1,600mm

Embossing base foil for different
purposes and substrates

Self adhesive Labels, tamper evident labels, overlays, lamination foil, hot Stamping foil, plastic cards, banknotes, graphic applications.

Laser resistance

Special applications on request

Color range
Silver, gold, transparent, special colors on request

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