Social Commitment

Playing a role 4 all

The All4Labels network collectively makes-up 3.000 dedicated employees and we service more than 5.000 clients around the whole world. That is a lot of communities we directly and indirectly have an impact on.

We see it as our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Through our member’s corporate social responsibility initiatives in environmental sustainability, social and economic development, health, education and equality programs, we aim to give back to society.

Family Day

  • All4Labels has opened its doors for employees’ children on its annual Family Day / Girls & Boys Day to promote their education.
  • Through a plant tour and small workshops on colors and materials, the children gain an insight into their mother/father’s workplace.

We also give back to our communities through donations made locally as well as companywide. The selected organisations, initiatives and projects are focus on the most urgent problems and the people most in need worldwide.

  • Children / Education
  • People in need of care
  • Culture
  • Health

Children / Education


Leisure and sport activities are important, especially for children, to
develop creativity and team ability, and to promote their healthy
physical, mental and psychosocial development.

  • Theatre
    Supporting the maintenance of the municipal Theater of Blumenau as well as the musical and dancing classes to less provided children.
  • Sport «Volleyball»
    Social commitment at a competitive activity, Volleyball, to support children to learn social needs such as sharing, joining together, growth through commitment and fun.

People in need

Our donations will be used to support seniors, refugees, homeless people and other fellow human beings free of charge with clothes and other articles of daily use.

  • Diakonie – Seniorenheim “Haus zum guten Hirten“
  • Hanseatic Help e.V.


  • Success through packaging can only be achieved if we have the best people working for us. It’s our responsibility to ensure a workplace culture where our employees feel safe, are motivated and have adequate support to apply their skills and knowledge every day.
  • Contributing inclusion will be our purpose to ensure both employee satisfaction and personal fulfillment, continuos learning and development.